Kashmir Rolling Papers


Kashmir Rolling Papers

The new Kashmir Rolling Paper line from Inter-Continental Trading USA combines two things our customers have come to expect: high-quality and unmatched value. By using only an oxygen and ozone process, our Organic Hemp, Unbleached, TCF and Rice varieties are free from chlorine chemicals used to treat so many papers on the market today. With Kashmir, you get natural, clean-tasting paper. Period. And on the value side, Kashmir Rolling Papers are priced at only 99 cents per pack!

Organic Hemp – Kashmir 100% Organic Hemp Rolling Papers are chlorine-free and eco-friendly, using no harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Certified Organic papers offer the best of all worlds—a clean-tasting smoke, natural processing and  less impact on the environment.

Unbleached – Kashmir Unbleached Rolling Papers are the best alternative to bleached papers. The smoke is clean and free of any chemicals that might alter the taste and harm your body thus becoming an obvious choice for your next roll-up.

Totally Chlorine Free – Using only an oxygen and ozone process, Kashmir Totally Chlorine papers are free from chlorine chemicals used to treat so many papers on the market today. No chlorine means only natural, clean-tasting paper, without harming the environment!

Rice – Kashmir Rice Rolling Papers are made from natural ingredients and a great alternative for the seasoned smoker. Rice paper offers an even burn and a light weight for a satisfyingly clean taste.

CBD – Kashmir +CBD Rolling Papers, 100% Natural Organic Hemp.

MedGrade – Kashmir MedGrade Rolling Papers. All natural, medical grade paper